Traveling and running. 

As I sit on the Monterey Airport Bus on my way to the Monterey Airport because of a dropped ball by the fine folks at United, I am realizing that the reason this is pissing me off is because this will limit how long of a run I can go on when I get to our rental house in Monterey. 

So, now I’m smiling, laughing to myself / at myself for letting United ruin my RUN. Not a ride not a ride. A run. 

So my back is still bothering me on the daily. I had said I’d keep you up to date on how the stem cell injection was helping to heal my herniated disc and at first, it helped a lot. The pain the following week after the injection was intense and it was uber-sore. Then it got a lot better. Then, around January, I felt like it kind of plateaued. 

So, am I better?

I dunno. 

I suppose, if I got an MRI, I’d have a definitive answer. But I’m pretty sure I already know the answer and it scares me. So, I’m going to have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in Fort Collins who recommended the stem cell doc in Colorado Springs, as I want an opinion removed from the stem cell clinic on what my next options might be. 

Quick breakdown

  • September 2015 – herniated disc moving an IKEA kitchen cabinet front. Fuck. 
  • October ’15 – Cortisone injection to alleviate pain on the nerve
  • Felt better for several months, then back to September ’15 pain
  • October ’16 – Stem cell injection
  • Started swimming
  • Then running in a December
  • Tried riding in the last 5-6 weeks, per the physical therpist’a recommendation. Wasn’t good. Shooting pain down the leg. Bad. 
  • But running doesn’t hurt. 
  • I dunno. 

So, I’m a runner now. Again, but I still suck at running. Maybe not as much as I suck on a bike right now, though. 

Still on the bus. So here’s a photo of my bike that’s hopefully sitting in the Monterey Airport waiting for me. 

Fox officially unofficially announced this fork today. You can find it on the interwebs. 

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