USGP New Belgium Day 1

I’m wrecked after today. I was the earliest race for the team at 9:30 this morning. So I woke up at 7, got embro’d up and rode down to the course. You can’t beat having a UCI weekend in your backyard. I can literally go out my back door and ride bike path all the way to the venue. It was a long day working for the KCCX / Fuji presented by Challenge crew. Did lots of powerwashing.

The course didn’t get any moisture before my race so it was just as bumpy as ever. Luckily I didn’t have to deal with the dust, but I’m sure our 60+ person field churned it up. I started front row. I was 2nd into the hole shot and then took over for the descent, only to slam my saddle on the run-up and have to pit. Not an ideal start but in less than a lap I was back to the front and attacked our group of 4. Our small lead group would let a rider go then we’d close it down and this went on for a while. I ate it into the barriers on lap 3 of 5. Picked myself up and ran over the railroad ties, only to hear people yelling “your pedal!”

Not the time I lost my pedal, but it was at this run-up on the course.

My pedal had pulled out of my crank arm, which is what caused my crash too. I had a temporary slip of composure but I put myself back together and ran it up to the pit from the bottom of the hill. Got back on my A bike and finished out the race. Mostly just stayed in control but with 1 to go I ran into Brian Holcombe (VeloNews) and it was game on again. We took it to the line swapping blows the entire lap. I ended up edging him out by a wheel. 17th on the day. Better tomorrow.

The battle between Brian and myself during the final lap was AWESOME.

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